TEAM/ Copywriter Stina Rasmussen, Art Director Alice Sjölander 
PROBLEM & SOLUTION/ To help Carlsberg sell more of their non-alcoholic beer in a young target group, we created a digital campaign and an app called ”Swish A Beer”. When someone gets too drunk you simply help (and hint) them by swishing a non-alcoholic beer. Your friend receives the beer in the closest bar by showing the notification.
RESULT/ As a result, Carlsberg increases their sales of the non-alcoholic beer and ”swish a beer” becomes a saying when someone gets a bit too tipsy.

This is how it will look if you decide to swish a beer to your friend.

And here's how it will look when your friend recieve it.

Beer coasters because they immediately get in the right context.
Instagram and facebook ads, because that's where our target group spend their time, even when they are out drinking. 

Instagram, facebook and snapchat ad no.1

Instagram, facebook and snapchat ad no.2
Take me up to the surface again.